A British Naseem “Naz” Shah gave this solution for the Israel-Palestine Conflict. Considering the Jewish political and media factions already in power and not recognizing their reverse Anti-Semitism is this something desirable?

My solution was to give a deadline date to create a wildlife sanctuary in the disputed territories. I’m sure many don’t agree with my use of atomic weapons, but I’m a disenfranchised Native American on the warpath.

I want to get back to the writing diary for my novel, but anxiety gets in the way. These posts do fit elements of my novel because a war between factions—plays a role in my novels. Disturbances in my writing also fit my ‘about the author’ category.

Obama will sell my ancestral homeland to anyone, obviously.  I don’t even have the right to adequate medical care for serving in the US military and I’m treated with contempt from every side because I have a Southern; rather than, a Native American accent. I’m a follower of Doubting Thomas and my primary doubts come from the belief that god would nuke this whole planet if he existed.


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