I only had two drugs prescribed to me, but those two drugs  were incompatible and would cause me seizures. Now, how can the system fail to catch such an error? A computer can easily check for incompatible drugs. I wouldn’t be so enraged if the war over the birthmark wasn’t still going on. My rage is interfering with my writing. Who do I need to kill to fix the VA?

I’m sure Mark Zuckerberg could make  it so incompatible medicines are not prescribed because this is an easily curable problem with the proper management and computer system. Would Mark Zuckerberg be a rich American if my ancestors didn’t try to treat immigrants, fairly? I’m certain he would not. Consider this a warning to present-day leaders of America–fix the VA because this is one angry piece of Nuke waste. Obama, you are one lousy President if you can’t fix the easy stuff.