PhotoFunia Old Book theatre

My main character, Alice, has shown signs of instability. Will I finish Alice’s descent into madness before the Veteran’s Admiration does even more damage to my mental health? I’m not crazy enough to think I can prognosticate such things, but I suspect it will be a close race. Alice had a fight with her mother, so she moved out. The underlying reason for her stability comes from the genetic memory drug; which, gave her an incompatible set of memories.

I really need to make an evil or incompetent doctor to match my tragic history. My fictional herbalist is primarily responsible for the drug, at his time. The herbalist does work at a neuroscience center, but I’ve made botany her scientific field of study. Changing her to a medical doctor or creating a new is a possibility. Tom Cruise recently became a Floridian, I’m sure he would take great joy in seeing an unethical, evil psychiatrist. Scientology and Tom Cruise hates psychiatrists.

The creator of Scientology also wrote Battlefield Earth; which, I didn’t care for and it seems geared to the rich and famous; not the poor wretches like me. Considering I want to rant about the healthcare system; much like Cruise ranted about psychiatry—I may show the Scientologists, in a greater light. Scientology stole from Thelema; which, deals more with my mythology element. Expect a veiled reference to Cruise if I use a psychiatrist. Having Alice punch a psychiatrist, amuses me.

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