Jews claim Israel as an ancestral homeland well I’m certain Documents will show Florida is more my ancestral homeland than Israel is to many in Israel, now. I don’t hate Jews and as far I care—they can have Israel and as a serviceman; my ship and others, protected their right to exist. I get attacked by ladies on drawbridges for being native to my land. Some guy from up north stole by seniority with a company by claiming–working on water coolers was an electronics job; while I had years of training and experience because ‘nice guys’ finish last.

There should be an all-out assault on College president if the leaders and doctors of today’s America are a product of the making. Hand back your money. Monsters have taken over America and I’ve been trample on too long.. Any liberal who defends Obama’s rights to shove smoke down my throat in my homeland is supporting reverse racism. Any Feminist who attacks for gender reasons can ben attacked back. My ancestors are split male and female, and sure chance made me male. I will kick the ass of everyone a Donald Maas’ Literary agency if they think their agent had any right to attack someone for using a white male protagonist.

I’m so native to Florida I don’t worry a bit that the Seminoles have that bingo money to hire Jewish lawyers and Donald Maas to attack me because I know the Native Americans in Florida are less native than me. Line up. Be honorable enough to fight me one  at a time. I’ve got fights lined up with the Secret Service to Obama and the Supreme. Every doctor in America; the Veteran’s Administration, and every person who mistakes my social anxiety for racism. Plus everyone else in this post. Every union member who thinks someone trying to make a living in their ancestral homeland is for taking a temporary job where I had the training and none of theirs didn’t and there wasn’t even a strike going on, and most every union member came from  somewhere else to take jobs in my ancestral homeland. List me as a different type of Verizon terrorist.

I’m not the one cutting lines but Verizon has absolute scum for leaders that’s for sure. I doubt I will edit this rant, but I want people to know what I allude to in my novels. I’m relatively certain that most American doctors have claimed==working on water coolers as medical experience. the War of the Birthmark rages on.


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