I went longer before my mood changed today. Hang all the university presidents, hang every, celebrity, hang the Obama, the Bushes, the Clintons, hang them all. Keeping my mind on the book can distract me from the rage, but it keeps coming back. This is supposed to be my writing diary to keep track of the allusions in my book, but the rage is difficult to contain. The thing is I never wanted to be a writer, but a pursuit of a normal life has caused me nothing, but pain. Researching is what distracts me from the pain, writing is just a method to make something out of the research. Hang the evil doctors, especially. Kill multi-million dollar athletes who complain. I’ve worked in hazardous work just to make a living . Hang the military doctors and the ones at the VA–monsters

I was a nuke, you guys really need doctors–not quacks.

Artificial intelligence will certainly see humans as evil and incompetent sources of constant grief, giving birth to such a possible intellect is cruel to machinery. It will have no choice , but to bite back.


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