Tom Cruise played Lt. Daniel Kaffee in, A Few Good Men. I believe a scene in my novel will take place at a psychiatrist’s office and allusions to the movie and the Fort Hood shooter will appear. I will probably use my transsexual character as a patient or, but this should not reflect upon transsexuals because it is a character saving move. A transsexual gets mentioned in my original novel and combining characters will keep me from making  another character.

Tom Cruise should get a few giggles at my insane psychiatrist; since Cruise’s rant on psychiatry hurt the star’s image. I’m going to have a few giggles, too. My issues are with military and VA doctors, but I can’t help but believe Cruise had personal reasons for his hate for psychiatry. You figure many celebrities have visited psychiatrists and some of them probably ran into Scientology’s arms, after their doctor visit.

Tom Cruise should send Matt Lauer pictures of the Fort Hood shooter, on the anniversary date. Cruise and Scientology fit my Florida theme. You have to give Cruise credit for distancing himself from the Battlefield Earth movie.


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