My main character made her first kill, but murder is easy; getting away with a closed-door killing, at a doctor’s office is difficult. I consider this a minor plot event and don’t base the book on this one event, so I’m hoping readers don’t judge my methods too harshly.  Absurd comedy and cathartic revenge are my reasons for the scene.

Serge, Tim Dorsey’s main character, kills with absurd style and I’ve never examined his believability. If the murder is a major plot element; you need to address every concern. My reluctance to use the scene comes from a desire to prolong her descent into insanity. Unfortunately, my own sanity has sped downhill; it’s a race, I get no benefit from winning.

Killing someone came as a surprise, but it reflects the mood I’m in. She needed to perform a few dastardly deeds, but she didn’t need to kill. It may surprise people, but she nor the cult is evil. The drug she takes appears to have possible benefits, but more bad from good comes from taking the drug—kind of like real-life.


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