A Hawaiian Island  lost power due to a storm and nuclear power aircraft carrier supplied emergency power—this inspired me to go into Navy’s Nuclear Power Program; Obama was on the island doing illegal drugs. I donated my unique blood which helps African-American people for free but racists like Obama attack me for being a White Native American. Kill racists like Obama, not me.

Union members attacked verbally harassed me for having a temporary job, but there wasn’t a strike even going on and my ancestor is documented in Florida before the Pilgrims even landed on Plymouth Rock. My ancestor’s tribe was wiped out by the Seminoles when they entered Florida from the north– I’m the true Native American of Florida; all intelligent person has to do is look at my ancestor’s name on early census records and the will see why I can make that claim.

I just want hallway decent medical care at the VA but Rich Fat White Liberals like Peter King of Sports Illustrated drives hate about a Washington football team calling itself the Redskins which has white people cheering on that Native American image against a team with a image of a White Viking. Kill Peter king and Sports Illustrated—not me.

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor attacked the White founders of the United States; which, also shape my heritage because White people married Native Americans, but because my skin came out White I supposed to be discriminated against even though I’m more native to Florida than the average Jew in Israel is native to that land. Fill Sotomayor and the rest of the Supreme Court not me.

Oprah must not have been discriminated against too much since her popularity among Whites made her one richest people in the world. Her dogs get medical care than I do for protecting her rights–Kill Oprah not me.

The VA is killing me so this is me or them.


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