They discovered a mastodon bone that may make the original natives of Florida—the oldest know culture in the US mainland. That makes my Native American ancestor the odds on favorite to be the most native– Native American. I’m more native to Florida than the Seminoles .

The find makes the makes the map above—obsolete because a crossing most likely didn’t come from the Bering Strait.

Of course, the American government has worked hard to make me extinct.

Get Off My Land – Obama Kills True Americans – The War of the Birthmark Rages on. The Veteran’s Administration Will Beg For Mercy Before I’m Done—Freaking Monsters. They made my life hell—time for American Spring–hang the fat rich liberals first, then on to Bush, Cheney and the  evil incompetent minions of that party. Freaking monsters.

Image from Wikimedia.org

Description: Map of early migrations of modern humans
Date: 23 May 2007
Source: en:Recent African origin of modern humans
Author: Muntuwandi (talk)


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