I made much of this post before reading about the mastodon bone showing the earliest evidence of humans in America; I just wasn’t prophetic enough to publish this the post. The rest of the post is my original; which, doesn’t predict the archeological find, but it does question what is known. The Google algorithm may have put the article in my news feed because I searched for a migration map, less than a week before the article came out.

Could the more advanced cultures; such as the Mayans, have contact with the more primitive cultures in Florida? The map above shows early migration patterns of my ancestors, but is it really this simple? I’m not criticizing the author of the image because the complex version would be more chaotic.

Jumping from the Yucatan to Cuba and Florida is well within reach of the early Mayans. My novel may use a more complex perspective, in describing my novel’s drug cocktail recipe. Could there have been nomadic merchants exchanging goods between cultures? Yes. Image credits from Wikimedia, below:

Description: Map of early migrations of modern humans

Date: 23 May 2007

Source: en:Recent African origin of modern humans

Author: Muntuwandi (talk)