Consider the title hyperbole, it means — Kill Liberal Hypocrisy The first, middle, and youngest children have different shaping forces; the distance between age groups also changes the shape. Some people suffer from retardation, like me—calling myself a dumb retard is accurate because of my late development in speech. Fat-rich, White, liberal White males feel free to give away rights of White males from the lower hierarchy; rather than, take from themselves,

Some of us have were born with an abnormality, but the fat-rich, White liberal males want to further discriminate against those from the lower hierarchy.

Kill documentarian  Michael Moore.the fat-rich, White liberal and not me. I served in the Navy and was in Israel to help protect Israeli right to exist, but my rights are continuously given away even though documents show I’m more native to Florida than most Jews in Israel.

Kill Peter King of Sports Illustrated who wants to make the case that most other Whites are racist because of the Washington Redskin name; even though, Viking and Celtics are an obvious parallel. Kill Peter King – not me. I’m Native American and served in the Nave= what does he do write about sports issues for huge sums of money; while I get horrible medical care and get harassed by foreigners for being native.

My death list can go on and on, but I’m done for now. but these fat-rich White liberals are what got me accosted in a Wal-Mart parking lot for being White, in a neighborhood these fat-rich White liberals would avoid. My only crime was social anxiety, but the fat –rich White liberals think they are White knights when they are hypocrites. Republicans suck, but they are less hypocritical

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