Poll: 9 in 10 Native Americans not offended by Washington Redskins name

I recently made posts about this subject in my rants; which spawned, from my medical care. As the truest native of Florida and the US—I have fat-rich White liberals putting my White-Native American ass in danger from the 1 out of ten who want to see White people as racist due to elitist liberals telling people Whites are racist scum when the elitist liberals are the true scum. Racism is not a White disease—morons like fat-rich Peter King of Sports Illustrated wants to frame it that way; which, endangers my life so I endanger his – kill Peter King and not me.

Did the poll come out coincidently with my recent rants or did an algorithm throw it into my reader because of my posts? I don’t know—I just don’t like getting harassed while trying to get groceries—which did happen. How would any of you like it if you knew you were more Native to Florida than even the Seminoles and got harassed by for no good reason. Elitist liberals caused this incident as far as I’m concerned Obama, Peter King, and the other elitist scumbags can kiss my white-native American ass. I would punch them out if I ever got a hold of them. come on Obama come after me, you lousy cowardly racist scumbag.


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