Mickey Mouse head ears stars-horz

Both images have the stars, but the second has the contrast adjusted. It is easy to detect if you know what to look for, but it escapes casual notice. My main character tracks the symbols to locate the factions. I compare my fictional cult to the Illuminati, but it is a different entity. Imagining someone running a cult, in plain sight, is easy to do.

I didn’t use Neil Gaiman’s American Gods as a model, but I have some similarities. This represents one of the newer factions in my novel, but you could call this a new god. Some people have written about how our present culture would look, in the outsider eyes of an alien culture. Would they see the Disney symbol as a symbol for a primitive god?

My fictional factions fall into past and present regimes, but I’m not certain how many factions, I will create. I designed six symbols and you can say eight if you count the Greek letters of my two sororities. Maybe, I should send my main character to Disneyland Paris; since I have her in the area at this moment.

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