I know what has to happen in the last third, but this middle third may be tricky. Premature ejaculation can without a doubt—spoil the experience. My novel features a generational war, but I probably need to use a ‘wise old woman’ to prophesize the coming revolution and offer advice to my main character. There is a difference between being formulaic and occasional dips into formula.

The mentor and the gatekeeper are the most likely archetypes I will employ for formula reasons. Mentors show up early and gate guardians can show up many times, but their big scenes happen toward the end of you story. Female characters dominate my books; even though I often give the women stereotypically male characteristics, but my male charters may need a higher profile in this middle third.

Men are just pawns to the female members of my fictional cult, but pawns must still have an active role. I believe it is time to focus on the pawns. In the second act, they say the should focus on the character arc, but the relationship between my fictional cut and men may be my focus because the cult itself is a character.

My main character may take the drug again in order to add another personality, once I decide on who to add. I think she needs to go insanely in love for a short while. Cupid has arrows, but on occasion, he unleashes a fabulous sucker punch, instead.


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