Autobiography of a Flea-horz

I plan to give my main character a case of erotomania and I have many reasons to give her a forbidden the love—driving her more insane is one. The fact that I needed to place my prequel about ten years before my first novel has already caused me some discomfort. Both Jean Jennings and Traci Lords entered the adult world as underage actresses. My motives come from my Florida theme and alluding to my fellow allusion maker—James Joyce.

Jean Jennings comes from Florida and I alluded to her in my first novel—I created a character named Gnat and the name alludes to the Jean Jennings movie, The Autobiography of a Flea; which was based on an erotic novel published in 1887 by Edward Avery about priests having an orgy. Coincidently, there is a pedophile priest of the same name. Priests in the novel and the movie are heterosexual relations and the real-life priest engaged in homosexual relations.

James Joyce uses a scene , in Ulysses, where Leopold Bloom pleasures himself. to young  Gertie’s lifted skirt and I will allude to this in my novel. My main character is in Europe, at present, and I could send her to Ireland, but I believe I will have my scene in Key West. The beach in Ulysses and two in Key West have a Martello Tower.

More Kismet—Sharon McNight, the writer/director of Autobiography of a Flea sang a song on a movie Traci Lords appeared in, The Grafenberg Spot (1985), and John Holmes appeared in both movies. The kismet keeps coming, McNight played Jailbait’s mom in Me Myself and II. I need to allude McNight somewhere because she happens to fit two other elements, in my novel, by being a Cabaret singer and for appearing in the Palm Beach television series, Silk Stalkings.


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