The article shown above shows a gathering of celebrities, comes from Billboard magazine. Zippy the Pinhead and Grace McDaniels Mule-faced woman were among the stars. This clip comes from the same magazine that gives you the Billboard Music Awards, but times and the stars have changed. The original freak shows gave some advantage to being disadvantaged. Now, most advantages go to the advantaged class.

Democracy and Capitalism have been bastardized by leftist hypocrisy promoted by Hollywood elites. Celebrities are over-rewarded to what they offer society. Yes, they should  get good money but Oprah didn’t bring enough to society to become one of the wealthiest people on the planet.

If terrorists are going to bomb America; they should pick the appropriate targets. ISIS hates us for the extreme liberalism and Hollywood promotes the extreme. Some may see my blog and novels as extreme, but fiction should be allowed to be extreme. Reality should not match dystopian fiction. Obama has taken us  further down a dangerous path. Read about societal collapse and you will see where America is going. Social change should not be enforced by elitist law. If Hollywood needs to realize they are elitists, in ivory towers, but towers crumble.

Zippy the Pinhead was born with a disorder and people were going to look, being in the freak show allowed him to be paid for the looks. Being among others of the freakish class made life more comfortable. Hollywood elites choose to be freaks and they should realize others are less fortunate.