Some people apparently get a homeland, others get pushed out. I’m an alien no matter where I go even though my family has been documented in Florida for centuries; they were here before, the Pilgrims set foot on Plymouth Rock. I always accepted the notion that others come here for a better life, but I’ve been harassed and discriminated against, in my homeland. I had a security clearance in the Navy and they have my fingerprints but apparently our government rather hire people straight off the book to handle sensitive documents and harass me. Yes, the Driver Licence dude harassed me.

Are Jews discriminated against? Mila Kunis came from the Ukraine and gets acting jobs as a little kid while my government is sending manufacturing jobs overseas to make it more difficult to find a bad job in my own homeland. Did Mila Kunis get her chance because of her Jewish heritage, while I’ve taken slave labor wages even though I have two degrees? Is she having more discrimination than me? No way. I’m Agnostic, so I don’t favor or disfavor a religion unless I consider a religion hostile. I’m a mutt, so I don’ t have strict ethnicity standards.

Something’s wrong—the Supreme Court should not be split by just Catholics and Jews. It just appears you are forced to join a faction to have any rights. I’ve never used a minority status to get a job, even though I’m part Native American and my ancestors came from Spain, which makes me just like a so-called Hispanic. I write about factions in my novel, but I’ve never considered myself part of any faction.

Obama was obviously a darling because his father came from Africa, but I’ve got people attacking my white-Naïve American ass. If Obama’s daughters suffered from sickle cell anemia it would be my blood the saves them; blood I’ve given for free. Apparently, my job was to protect Israel when I served in the Navy, but do the Jewish people care that they alienate me in my own homeland and I can’t get decent medical care even though smokers like Obama felt free to infect me with their filth?

Many Feminists like Amy Boggs of Maas Literary Agency openly attacks White males but was being a woman a shortcoming to her or Mila Kunis, while I get openly harassed in parking lots while just trying to get groceries. And I’m more native than a Seminole., Why shouldn’t I go on the attack?

Yes, I’m still on the warpath and I demand a few scalps. Kill a celebrity –not me. Give Bill Cosby a public hanging along with the people who obviously covered for him. Seeing a celebrity hang would be good for morale. Hang the next celebrity making millions of dollars talking about Feminism or anti-Semitism, I get crap just going to WalMart and I have an Obama ran Veteran’s Administration that only performs quackery. Hang a few politicians, too.


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