Gibsonton, the former homeland of Freaks, is where my main character lives and the  University of South Florida is the nearest large college in the area. The character’s mother is a professor at USF and others in the cult work. or attend the college as students. My cult has a preference for Circus folk, so Gibsonton is the Mecca. USF became a locale because of its size.

New College of Florida almost became the locale because some things about it amuse me, but hiding a cult in a large college is easier. I could have given the cult full control of a college to make a smaller college eligible, but I decided the large college idea was better. Bulls play a role in my mythology and bulls are the team mascots of USF.

My scene descriptions of the campus are rather generic and the larger campus makes generic more likely. Florida Southern  College has more interesting architecture, but that would make scenes less generic. My protagonist visits many campuses, but I’m not specifying the scenery unless a specific spot holds greater meaning.

In reality. the cult could exist and function at USF. The cult operates two sororities and supports many clubs, so it isn’t locked into this one college; I just needed a place of recent operation. The cult was more active at FSU in the early twentieth century. I may give each college a favored faction, but the factions will be everywhere.


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