White people are homeless, too, but only Black lives matter. Oprah has become one of the richest people in the world through advertising and costs of advertising filters down to the product. In reality, Oprah is just a fraction of the money that goes into the advertising world. Many Hollywood Liberal act humanitarian, but their act is an act.

I saw a youtube video showing a jokester give a homeless guy a hundred bucks and the guy promptly went to a liquor store to buy food for other homeless people. Poor money management skill and a lack of vehicle probably sent him to buy overpriced food a liquor store, but a bunch of that money went into advertising and people like Winfrey. Is Winfrey just the new slave-owner?

How much money goes to advertising the electorates, even the new media acts as partisan advertising. If the candidates laid out their priorities and their plan to better the society on a website, we should be able to evaluate. If their site is jumbled then the candidate is a mess and if the candidate makes clear points we can evaluate without throwing money into advertising—we could actually use it for good. Advertising is about deception.

Liberals are without a doubt the bigger hypocrites. Financial reward should go to who best benefits society. Did Oprah provide enough benefits to society to garner mention among the richest people in the world? Many people don’t like Microsoft and Bill Gates, but anyone who doesn’t see his contribution to society as being much greater than a TV personality is nuts. You can replace Oprah’s name with Ellen or any other TV personality, but I use Oprah because her financial worth was up there with Gates.

Oprah inflates prices to common goods; which, people need to survive, do Oprah kills Black people and many others because of her inflated price tag, I used the word jokester for the mini-documentary maker because the events didn’t turn out like he expected, but I think he was expecting  a laugh.


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