Wausau FL possum mnmt birdman

I’m not, but I suspect my main character will attend. Wausau is the possum capital of the world and they hold their Possum Festival in the first week in August. It means Big Al will need to head back to the Panhandle. What else can she visit on this second trip to the Panhandle? Another trip to FSU seems likely. The State Mental Hospital in Chattahoochee sis a possibility.

The Mission San Luis de Apalachee has historical significance, especially for me, but I’m not sure what reason I have to send my main character there. My ancestor could easily be from the Apalachee tribe because it would be where a Caddo word could mix with a Spanish affiliated tribe. That information works better for my last novel than this one. I could make a fictional archeological find. What would I want to find is my next question in need  of answer? A woodpecker works better for me than a possum, so I may go that way

Both images come from Wikimedia. You can see the monument if you go to the festival. The image on the right is based on a copper plate found in the Lake Jackson Mounds.


Description: Wausau, Florida: Possum monument
Date 5 November 2010
Source Own work Author Ebyabe


Description: A Mississippian culture S.E.C.C. design from a repoussé copper plate discovered at the Lake Jackson Mounds Archaeological State Park.
Date 19 October 2011
Source Own work Author Herb Roe


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