Floriiano Jones

If I create a fictional archeologist I will probably allude to one, two or all three of these women, within the fictional name. All three lived in Florida, at one point, and all three made a name for themselves.

Agnes Milowka an Australian underwater photographer,author, maritime archaeologist, cave explorer, and technical diver. While living in Florida, she explored and laid line across a number of cave systems, the most significant of which was Mission Spring. She and James Toland made the connection between Peacock Springs and Baptizing Spring, Florida adding over 3,000 metres of passage. In her TV series, ‘Agnes Milowka Project,’ she used underwater cave footage shot by the Florida-born diver, Wes Skiles, for Karst Productions.

Milowka trained actors and worked as a stunt double for the James Cameron film Sanctum (2011). In 2011, she died after running out of air after needing to go solo in a South Australia cave.

SusanSueHendrickson (born December 2, 1949) is an American paleontologist. Hendrickson Vertebrate paleontologist. ,palaeontologist, marine archaeologist. She is best known for her discovery of “Sue,” the largest T. rex specimen ever found.

Ichthyologist Eugenie Clark, aka The Shark Lady, pioneered the field of Scuba diving for research purposes. After reading Clark’s book, Lady With a Spear, Anne and William H. Vanderbilt built the Cape Haze Marine Laboratory (now known as the Mote Marine Laboratory) for Clark.

Image came from Wikimedia  with credits below:

Description: Agnes Milowka, world renowned underwater cave diver and explorer, photo by James Axford, on 2010 at Melbourne Port Phillip Bay location

Source: http://www.agnesmilowka.com/index.php/about-agnes/interviews/120-interview-sbs.html Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons by Innotata using CommonsHelper.

Author: James Axford, Melbourne  Date: 2010

Permission: (Reusing this file)

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