That Loving Feeling

My main character thought back to who she was before she took the drug. Adding a love interest gave me a chance to reflect back to her sensitive side. Managing her personality has been challenging because she’s designed to no longer one personality. I wrote a brief piece of erotica to capture that loving feeling. Of course, the Righteous Brothers song, “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’“, inspired the title of this post. “Bring back” are the operative words.


Modeling my Fictional Empire on the Disney Empire

My fictional empire will begin differently than Disney, but my main character will venture into many of the same enterprises. Wikipedia shows a list of Disney holdings (I cut out the extraneous stuff); which, gives me ideas about how to design an empire. I’m at the halfway point in the novel and my character made her first three movies and started a Rock N’ Roll band. She designed a product line, several chapters back, but she’s branching out. I may give comical odes to less likely ventures.

Lobotomy by Media Domination


Rosemary Kennedy stood in the way of Joe Kennedy’s quest for power, so he had her lobotomized. The media idealized those who come from those who lobotomize their own family. The patriarch of the Kennedy family was pure scum, but he managed the media and liberal lobotomizes still want you to worship the blood of a man who would lobotomize his own daughter. Joe Kennedy owned elements of the media and that is an element that may play a role in my novel.

The lobotomizer created the hypocritical Liberal faction like the all White, all hypocritical, all liberal Donald Maas literary agency [they dismissed the offending literary agent] and Peter King who called most White people racist for not being upset the Washington Redskin name even though he never bothered to ask the opinion of Native Americas. To worship a Kennedy is to worship the lobotomizer.

“Whoever controls the media, controls the mind”
Jim Morrison

The All White Liberal Hypocrites of the Donald Maass Literary Agency.

They never contacted me, but they addressed one issue and possibly another — they should have done a better job of dealing with this issue when I first contacted them. Plenty of people of various ethnicities had reason to be mad about this issue, but I’m the one who blew, maybe it’s because I descend from the most native people of this land and I saw hate addressed at people like me — I fed it back. Other agencies also show troubling tendencies, but I just want to focus on polishing my novel. This issue probably played a role in my depression, but the Veterans Administration probably has done more damage to my psyche.

Look at Amy Boggs and all the White Liberals of the Donald Maass Literary Agony. Amy Boggs attacks  White men in her Twitter post, but she’s surrounded by White people. You better add security because you fat hypocrites can never have enough. Fire Amy Boggs immediately, you bigoted liberal racists. Jim Butcher is one of the authors that deals with this bigoted Liberal elitist group. He needs more security, too. You are outed.

No, I wasn’t rejected by the agency. I was just offended by the posts of Amy Boggs and the agency never answered my complaint. You have to be true scum to deal with this agency. Go ahead and blackball me you Liberal hypocrites.

Replace Amy Boggs with a Black Woman

Amy Boggs feels free to insult straight White men for their gender, sexual orientation, and their skin, so fine replace the bigoted White woman with a Black woman. Get rid of all the high paying White folk at Donald Maass Literary agency and replace them with poor Black folk. All the White blood must be horrible, elitists feel free to attack all other Whites for their skin color. We can all hope all those White folk in her horrible bloodline burn, freeze and putrefy in a Dante version of hell.

You don’t have to attack Whites to be fair to others. No, she didn’t reject me. I wouldn’t consider the agency after seeing what she posted on Twitter. You can choose a religion, but your skin color and your gender is normally not your decision, so you shouldn’t be discriminated against. She still has her job and Donald Maass ignored my email, so I’ll tackle it this way. Boggs is a true depiction of a liberal elitist. who won’t step down to give a Black person a job but will discriminate against lower level Whites.


Boggs was fired immediately after my second email and is no longer an agent. She should read Zora Neale Hurston’s essay, The Pet Negro System. One of the most famous black female authors hated elitists.

The Watchmen of Madness


The absurdities, of life, drive The Comedian mad. He sees through everything and he’s got to laugh to keep from crying. Doctor Manhattan has the superpowers to see through time, but he still sees less than The Comedian. Ozymandias, the smartest man on the planet, doesn’t see the obvious until The Comedian points it out. Rorschach is slower to see things, but when he does—he can’t turn away. Nite Owl and Silk Spectre II need Rorschach to point things out.

The Comedian seems horrible in many ways, but he is just the reflection of society. Being the mirror of society makes him hyper-aware of everything that goes on. Once we had the atom bomb–war became absurd and The Comedian laughed. The fertility cult in my novel seems more like an anti-Fertility cult because I enjoy the absurdity and it reflects the insanity of this world. I’m somewhat surprised by how much I’ve begun to relate to The Comedian.

Rorschach hates deviancy, but The Comedian sees deviancy as inevitable. Factions are also inevitable and my novel factors in factions. I think my main character will have gnostic aspects. The Comedian is very gnostic. Moby Dick inspired Alan Moore and both works are gnostic. Gnostic is true knowledge and  knows evil is everywhere and also hides within you. The Comedian can see it it the mirror. Can you?

Radical Liberals Incite Radical Islam

There is a limit to how far you can stretch away from the social norm. There is a big difference from accepting gays and mainstream promotion. Radical Islam hates radical liberalization and such liberalization endangers.the moderates. You can multiply the Conservative opinion about the Transgender law that Obama put into place and multiply it by ten or more times to near the Radical Muslim reaction. Is it a surprise that the recent shooting at a Black gay nightclub by an Islāmic gunman became the target? Of course not.

I’m the least accepted person because I’m a moderate without the desire or ability to pander to either side. The insanity on both sides drives me nuts.

Prancing Around The Flower Prince


Fertility gods share similar dancers. Attis has the Galli and the Cabeiri.(Corybantes). Xochipilli doesn’t castrate, but he’s known for having male homosexual dancing around him. Bacchus and Dionysus have an entourage of beautiful women and beastly gents dancing around them. I used the term Prince instead of god because such gods often have youthful aspects. Sky gods rule; fertility gods normally find something else to do.

I show the Parabiago plate, again, because it shows three Corybantes dancing around Attis and Cybele.

Creating the Rambles

My main character will visit a woman in a mental hospital and the scene needs coherence and incoherence, at the same time. When a rambler acts as your clue giver—you need to give that ramble a specific meaning. A long ramble wastes your reader’s time, so you’ll need short quips.

I’ve been stuck for over a week because the patient needs to ramble about the unidentified flower of Xochipilli and I need a supposedly fake connection to a real flower. Unfortunately, I don’t have a psychoactive flower to use. My novel considers the flower as an ingredient to a recipe and the Aztecs may have done the same, so the flower can play another role in the recipe and let another play the psychoactive role.

My main character will come prepared to deal with rambles into Aztec mythology and she’ll probably carry a book. I’m using August of 1997 as the timeframe and I needed to examine the technology, at that era. The first smartphone was made in 1994, but had limited use and few had access. Personal digital assistants (PDA’s) started showing up in 1996, but a book would have still been the best source for information in 1997. She may not be able to carry such a large book, for the visit, but I’ll take some literary license.

Paradoxes make great rambles and I began with one. Several flowers will be mentioned due to the patients’ specialty and one will be of particular interest. One line or more will probably come from a poem because poems can often be cryptic. I’m rambling, now, because my puzzle isn’t complete.