Religious factions fight. You can not force people into a belief system. Roman Catholics did some horrible stuff during the Inquisition, but it didn’t stop the Protestants from splitting off. Protestant still fall under the cross, even after the evils f the Inquisition.

My diagram can’t capture all the links between the religious faction nor fit in all the religions, but I needed to rough draft a concept. A major theme in my novel is factions, but my use will differ than my diagram. I may still use the enneagram, but the symbols will change.

The a hand shaped symbol the still appears in the Middle East and North Africa and dates back to ancient Mesopotamia; it fits in well with my novel because the fingers represent the Dactyls who link to my Cabeiri Cult.

Hinduism and Buddhism also use a hand symbol—the mudra. Theoretically, the Dactyls have links to many religions. Muslims and Jews both use the hamsa.


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