We all come from a long line of male-female relationships and some people obviously spawn from bad relations. Babies don’t have a choice in their gender or race, but many Feminists attack White men for their race and gender. Not all Feminists agree on Feminist philosophy and many women don’t want the label of Feminist. Many see it just as I do, just another faction.

Is a female attack of all White men just as bad as an attack all Blacks or all women? There is a need to look at all sides of the equation and stop the partisan behavior.

Obvious facts:

The penis needs a female sex object to make babies. Feminists coined the term that “women are not sex object’s and many repeated this irrational notion. Not all Feminists joined in on that chorus and more understand the stupidity in saying  such a thing

In a ‘he said’ – ‘she said’ argument the woman nor the man is always right. If the women in Johnny Depp’s life refute Amber Heard‘s depiction then we have more reason to believe the male side. Bill Cosby’s has multiple accusers, so it is reasonable to favor the female side.

I obviously don’t care if I get black-balled, because I’m not capable of playing the insane game of thrones. George R.R. Martin’s, Game of Thrones, is great, but I wouldn’t want to be trapped in such a world, in real life. I saw discrimination against White males in remarks by literary agent on the Twitter account of Amy Boggs (Donald Maass Literary agency).

When I allude to women, in my novel, I do it for trivia and historical reasons and don’t mean to disrespect, but I have nothing but disrespect for Feminists who discriminate for gender and race reasons. If Amy Boggs comes from a White scumbag father that is her genes and gives her no right to discriminate against White men. Some of us supposed White people are just mutts. No, Boggs didn’t reject me; I just researched and saw her remarks. The literary agency didn’t reply to my email about her remarks, so I took to the net.


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