Jews and Roman Catholics took over what was Protestant America. Look at the Supreme Court and much of the media. Large organized factions will kill off the ones without a large faction of backing. Protestants gave America rights; the Catholics gave us the Inquisition. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor applauds the Pope’s decision to make an Inquisitor a Saint and quite frankly tells White dudes who gave us the constitution to suck it. Obama applauds.

I think factions hurt a country, but it is obviously a game between factions. Blacks want more movie awards, but you got to ask if Charlie Sheen and Mel Gibson are right about who runs Hollywood. It obviously isn’t White Protestants or Native Americans. It may be Catholics like Gibson; it’s hard to say what religion Sheen prescribes to but I sure he’s fond of the Whore of Babylon. Even if Jews own Hollywood, Blacks shouldn’t side with Muslins because they had a history of castrating you. Think about the Underwear Bomber—you gotta laugh.

As a factionless person, I’m screwed. Atheists have a faction, but Agnostics are pretty much factionless. I hate both political parties equally. Jews want their homeland and mine, so I guess if I’m screwed. No one helped them more than the Protestants, but a Protestant may as well be Palestinian. Protestants are divided into factions, so it was easy for the large organized religions to take over. Agnostics and Atheist probably fit in as Protestants because the fight against a dictatorial religion created the Protestant faction.

Our leaders don’t deserve Secret Service protection—they deserve a grenade. With autotune and plastic surgery  you don’t need talent or looks—you need a faction. Most Jews are White and they obviously take a large allocation of jobs in Hollywood, if we play the allocation game then Whites from other factions get bumped out. If you join a faction, you will be on the bottom tier, so that’s kind of stupid. You probably should join a small, but powerful faction like Scientology.

This faction game sucks, but you are an idiot if you don’t see it. My novel is about factions and I think about this stuff a lot. Donald Maass Literary agency openly discriminates  on race and gender, so you’re a fool to not believe it happens No, my beef isn’t rejection and I don’t care if I’m blackballed. I only emailed them about an employees practice of discrimination.

I don’t believe we should have a war between factions, but I’m seeing it as a dystopian future. Jews have a discriminatory law, in their religion and religion is a choice. Jew as ethnicity is a problem only if they are playing favorites, but our two faction Supreme Court does force you to think. You can blame the lousy care of the Veteran’s Administration for my time to think. I’m more Native than a Seminole and I( want all you invaders out of my homeland  Blame the dude who harassed me while I was just trying to get groceries for any of my hostilities, too

I hate these posts, but I suggest to Obama that he fix the VA and kink the Supreme Catholic  bigot Sotomayor of the Supreme Court. It shouldn’t be large factions from foreign lands ruling America  The politically incorrect four letter word sums up my emotions best, but it is obvious the small factions get killed off as a political power. See the Bartholomew’s Day Massacre and ask if Sonia Sotomayor backs a godly religion or is it just another faction.

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