Amy Boggs feels free to insult White men for their gender and their skin, so fine replace the bigoted White woman with a Black woman. Get rid of all the high paying White folk at Donald Maass Literary agency and replace them with poor Black folk. All the White blood in must be horrible, in that she feels free to attack all other Whites  for their skin color. We can all hope all those White folk in her horrible bloodline burn, freeze and putrefy in a Dante version of hell.

You don’t have to attack Whites to be fair to others. No , she didn’t reject me. I wouldn’t consider after seeing what she posted on Twitter. You can choose a religion, but your skin color and your gender is normally not your decision, so you shouldn’t be discriminated against. She still has her job and Donald Maass ignored my email, so I’ll tackle it this way. Boggs is a true depiction of a liberal elitist. who won’t step down to give a Black person a job but will discriminate against lower level Whites.