They never contacted me, but they addressed one issue and possibly another — they should have done a better job of dealing with this issue when I first contacted them. Plenty of people of various ethnicities had reason to be mad about this issue, but I’m the one who blew, maybe it’s because I descend from the most native people of this land and I saw hate addressed at people like me — I fed it back. Other agencies also show troubling tendencies, but I just want to focus on polishing my novel. This issue probably played a role in my depression, but the Veterans Administration probably has done more damage to my psyche.

Look at Amy Boggs and all the White Liberals of the Donald Maass Literary Agony. Amy Boggs attacks  White men in her Twitter post, but she’s surrounded by White people. You better add security because you fat hypocrites can never have enough. Fire Amy Boggs immediately, you bigoted liberal racists. Jim Butcher is one of the authors that deals with this bigoted Liberal elitist group. He needs more security, too. You are outed.

No, I wasn’t rejected by the agency. I was just offended by the posts of Amy Boggs and the agency never answered my complaint. You have to be true scum to deal with this agency. Go ahead and blackball me you Liberal hypocrites.