The absurdities, of life, drive The Comedian mad. He sees through everything and he’s got to laugh to keep from crying. Doctor Manhattan has the superpowers to see through time, but he still sees less than The Comedian. Ozymandias, the smartest man on the planet, doesn’t see the obvious until The Comedian points it out. Rorschach is slower to see things, but when he does—he can’t turn away. Nite Owl and Silk Spectre II need Rorschach to point things out.

The Comedian seems horrible in many ways, but he is just the reflection of society. Being the mirror of society makes him hyper-aware of everything that goes on. Once we had the atom bomb–war became absurd and The Comedian laughed. The fertility cult in my novel seems more like an anti-Fertility cult because I enjoy the absurdity and it reflects the insanity of this world. I’m somewhat surprised by how much I’ve begun to relate to The Comedian.

Rorschach hates deviancy, but The Comedian sees deviancy as inevitable. Factions are also inevitable and my novel factors in factions. I think my main character will have gnostic aspects. The Comedian is very gnostic. Moby Dick inspired Alan Moore and both works are gnostic. Gnostic is true knowledge and  knows evil is everywhere and also hides within you. The Comedian can see it it the mirror. Can you?

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