Rosemary Kennedy stood in the way of Joe Kennedy’s quest for power, so he had her lobotomized. The media idealized those who come from those who lobotomize their own family. The patriarch of the Kennedy family was pure scum, but he managed the media and liberal lobotomizes still want you to worship the blood of a man who would lobotomize his own daughter. Joe Kennedy owned elements of the media and that is an element that may play a role in my novel.

The lobotomizer created the hypocritical Liberal faction like the all White, all hypocritical, all liberal Donald Maas literary agency [they dismissed the offending literary agent] and Peter King who called most White people racist for not being upset the Washington Redskin name even though he never bothered to ask the opinion of Native Americas. To worship a Kennedy is to worship the lobotomizer.

“Whoever controls the media, controls the mind”
Jim Morrison


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