Disruption in Rythem

A prequel has parameters set by the original novel and missing one event can throw everything off. I missed an event and had to backtrack; which, coincided with technical difficulties due to a real life storm . Waiting to publish my original novel allows me more freedom to change the timeline, but I’m not eager to do so. One chapter in my original novel will probably need a few changes, but I don’t expect a drastic change.

The last two months have been disruption and I may have another month before I kick back to the novel.


Doing the Hookah


My main character has entered a new marketing realm and it will involve a hookah. I invent products for my main character to invent, but I limit the details. Hopefully, my description will be enough for readers to imagine such a product, without the need for full detail. One interesting item that I found in my research was Vapefest; it doesn’t  fit my present timeline, but the festival may be of use later.

Wikipedia Description
Image is from 1900 from Iran.
English: Iranian woman smoking qalyan (Hookah or waterpipe), 1900 Iran.
Date 1900
Source 1900 photo by Antoin Sevruguin, http://www.parstimes.com/women/traditional_costume/period/
Author Antoin Sevruguin (Persian 1830-1933 : was a photographer in Iran during the reign of the Qajar dynasty (1785–1925).