The Freaky Beheading Incident


While doing my research on the Reign of Terror, I ran across this story on the Wikipedia page for Charlotte Corday:

After Corday’s decapitation, a man named Legros lifted her head from the basket and slapped it on the cheek. Charles-Henri Sanson, the executioner, indignantly rejected published reports that Legros was one of his assistants. Sanson stated in his diary that Legros was in fact a carpenter who had been hired to make repairs to the guillotine.[9]Witnesses report an expression of “unequivocal indignation” on her face when her cheek was slapped. The oft-repeated anecdote has served to suggest that victims of the guillotine may in fact retain consciousness for a short while, including by Albert Camus in his Reflections on the Guillotine (“Charlotte Corday’s severed head blushed, it is said, under the executioner’s slap.”).[10] This offense against a woman executed moments before was considered unacceptable and Legros was imprisoned for three months because of his outburst.

Footnote: Mignet, François (1824), History of the French Revolution from 1789 to 1814

I suspect that the brain would burn off the oxygen left in the bleed quicker than the man could snatch the head from the basket and give it a slap, but I could be wrong.

Wikipedia image credits for the 18th century portrait of Charlotte Corday by the artist, Jean-Jacques Hauer



Women At Odds

Feminist nightmares-horz-vert

Many Feminists don’t want to face the truth and realize that the biggest opposition for a Feminist movement comes from another Feminist. I stumbled upon this book (Feminist Nightmares: Women At Odds: Feminism and the Problems of Sisterhood) by Susan Ostrov Weisser; while, researching the French Revolution and many Feminists didn’t take kindly to it.

I’m looking for conspiracy events for my fictional cult can take part in and the France’s Reign of Terror may work.

I use the pictures of Marie-Olympe-de-Gouges and the women of the Lesueur_Club, Patriotique_de Femmes , to represent the factions. Both images came from Wikipedia.Credits below.

Artist Jean-Baptiste Lesueur (1749-1826) / Pierre-Etienne Lesueur († 1802)

Club Patriotique de Femmes (1791)

Medium gouache on cardboard

Dimensions 36.7 × 53.5 cm (14.4 × 21.1 in)

Current location Carnavalet Museum

References Joconde database: entry 50350037967


Artist Alexander Kucharsky (1741–1819)

Description: Portrait of Olympes de Gouges
18th century Fin du XVIIIe siècle

Collection particulière

(Reusing this file)
Art is in the public domain often the quart

A Conspiracy Event


Any writer who complains about Dan Brown’s writing needs to try to create such a puzzle. Browns novel, The Da Vinci Code, may not ‘wow’ you with brilliant prose, but try creating such a puzzle before becoming too harsh of a critic.

My fictional fertility cult meddles and I may use the McKinley assassination as a conspiracy event. I don’t rely heavily on intrigue, but I need to show an event that my cult has meddled with and this event may be one that I use.

William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer wanted to kill the President (fictional), in order to sell newspapers., and Emma Goldman just wanted to kill McKinley for Anarchist reasons (partially true because she incited the killer.) What may or may not be true—is that the killer was just a stooge and that will be my probable perspective.

The Underground Press

Goldman_ speech ledtoMckinlydeath

My last post noted a problem in a Capitalistic society, but the pursuit of a Socialistic dream has often turned to nightmare. Emma Goldman is classified as Anarchist, but she can also categorize into socialism. Goldman wasn’t happy with the politics of any country and often wound up in jail. I may use her as part of a conspiracy event in my novel.

The Spanish–American  War may act a centerpiece for the conspiracy. Goldman will act as one faction; William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer will also play roles. I’m not positive that I will continue with this conspiracy idea, but Goldman would make a great member of my fictional cult.

You furnish the pictures and I’ll furnish the war


William Randolph Hearst said those words to Frederic Remington, after Remington told him that the Cubans were not ready to fight for their independence from Spain. Hearst only cared about selling newspapers and this is the devil in capitalism. Socialism has other devils,  but that’s not the point of my post.

I’ve written a couple of posts about media domination because my fictional cult will be involved in a conspiracy involving the media. It will take a while before my idea fully forms , but I have a glimmer of an idea.

Disheveled Timeline

I don’t understand why other writers don’t write about the importance of a timeline. Outline’s can do the task, but a timeline does a better job of keeping the chronology in order. If you make use of historical facts then the need for a timeline is amplified.

The lighting strike that wiped out my timeline has left my timeline disheveled. The 32-bit program will probably work on my new 64-bit computer but I may recreate the timeline with another app.

Tiki-Toki is my first choice as an alternative. Seems counterintuitive, so far, but it may just need time to learn. My old program was simpler but Tiki-Toki would be sharable.. Only time will tell, what I will end up using.

A different search for an agent


I put off looking for an agent until I finish the prelude to the original book. The prelude is an easier sell plus working on it may refine my original novel. My main character has a different agenda in her search for an agent, too.She’s in a ‘Three Days of the Condor’ mood–a very bloody mood. One agent brought out that mood in me and that’s one reason I’m holding off researching agents.

The search is a tension element and there will be a climatic end. I need to resolve a few plot points before that moment and decide what will come after. I know of one more element which will shape my novel’s conclusion and I may need to write the conclusion before this earlier stuff. Another thing that needs to be addressed is the documents and film footage that my main character will recover. My novel isn’t truly an epistolary novel, but it has elements. How and where to place those elements is undecided.

Storyboarding the end of a regime


TVTropes is a good place to go when you know something similar has been done before and you want to see if anything inspires you. Nothing inspired me, but something amused me and the title is a close match to my idea.

My main character has storyboarded her plans to take over the cult. It is apocalyptic for the old regime. She is targeting the media for many reasons. The old regime has insiders in the media, so those people will have to be eradicated and replaced.

This is the item that amused me:

During Ragnarok, how many steps backward will Thor take after slaying Jormungand before keeling over from the poison?

The answer is on their webpage.

The Devil in Mister Hearst


Citizen Kane is modeled on William Randolph Hearst and isn’t a flattering portrait. Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer introduced Yellow Journalism to American news. The fact that the most prestigious award, the Pulitzer Prize, is named after a Yellow Journalist—is kind of funny. It shows how legit our news sources became after the Hearst-Pulitzer era.

Many people in this era don’t realize how powerful Hearst was and how brainwashing of that era affects this era—and yes, it was brainwashing. My novel is about factions and Hearst represents the Hollywood faction. Hollywood and Hearst had a ‘scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours’ relationship. Good reviews can be bought. Politicians can also be bought and Yellow Journalism can and did sway American politics.

My cult goes to Hollywood and his lover, the actress Marion Davies will probably have a role in my fictional cult. The main character of my has a book backdoor fetish, so she will take a backdoor to media domination.

The image by B. M. Clinedinst comes from Wikimedia.