My blogging came to a halt because of a storm and Microsoft.

Lightning took out my the Ethernet ports of my modem and computer; it also took out my home phone for over a week.

I used the USB connection to the modem to get temporarily back online, but the buggy nature of Microsoft downloads left me untruthful of my internet security. Microsoft happened to toss out some massive upgrades during my downtime and made matters worse.

One word of advice for anyone with problems getting downloads from Microsoft – sync your time setting with with Windows server. My battery was bad and the time tended to drift and I rest the time to the government server because the Windows sever often gave me an error warning; which, my have something to do with not having optimal internet speed.

Fingers crossed – maybe I’m functional again. Microsoft need to fix some those bugs because Chromebook was looking mighty good after spending days searching for nonexistent viruses and troubleshooting the odd behavior.

The insanity the VA administration is putting me though hasn’t helped matters either.  I say it again—hate Republicans and Democrats but the latter is screwing up the country, at present, so I hate them more.

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