Before my novel came to a halt due to a real lightning strike, my cult was preparing to go on a recruiting mission in Hollywood. I use the picture of Scientology because they actively recruited Hollywood celebrities. Grab a big fish and smaller fish will follow.

Legal ramifications will probably keep me from naming a real person as a member of my fictional cult. I may allude to the River Phoenix family because it is public knowledge about their early cult association and they fit my Florida theme. Scientology may hunt me down for this rather innocent post but I’m to the point of calling all doctors—quacks, so Tom Cruise’s rant about psychiatry is A-OK with me. The celebrity recruitment tactic is smart but doesn’t fit my ethical standard, though. My fictional cult doesn’t make ethics a priority, so anything goes.

I was on a hot streak before the lightning strike, but my head is no longer in proper gear, so it may take a while before I figure out my next sentence. Media agencies will be part of my story. so I may have a bunch of lampooning going on. My main character will investigate the media agencies and I suspect she will do so by hiring actresses and models to promote her product line. I could also send in a cult member to obtain a job as a model or an actress, but the hirer would probably get more personal attention than the hiree.

Having my cult chase down and recruit a big name celebrity is tempting, but I will probably need to create a fake celebrity. A pornstar is another possibility because my cult doesn’t care about having a clean-cut image. I may need to skip a few chapters and outline my ending to make these decisions and after reviewing the thoughts in this post—skipping ahead may be wise because I have a right idea, but need to clarify the details.


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