I have plans for another Halloween scene, but it will create a noticeable time jump. You can get away with small time jumps with little or no explanation, but a Halloween to Halloween jump with little in between will need something to fill in the gaps and a progress report about the cult’s growth will probably suffice.

After the recruiting mission in California, I planned to send the cult to South America, Europe, and Asia. I didn’t plan to wait so long to hit the New York, but the scene will work better on Halloween. Noting their membership and economic gains during the year will help show that things did happen, but the reader doesn’t need all the details.

I haven\t recovered my timeline from my other computer, so I’m not positive about such a long jump. Events may be needed, in between.It amuses me to put the character in a particular costume am that is what makes Halloween significant. Things may not work out, but I need to retrieve my timeline.