Citizen Kane is modeled on William Randolph Hearst and isn’t a flattering portrait. Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer introduced Yellow Journalism to American news. The fact that the most prestigious award, the Pulitzer Prize, is named after a Yellow Journalist—is kind of funny. It shows how legit our news sources became after the Hearst-Pulitzer era.

Many people in this era don’t realize how powerful Hearst was and how brainwashing of that era affects this era—and yes, it was brainwashing. My novel is about factions and Hearst represents the Hollywood faction. Hollywood and Hearst had a ‘scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours’ relationship. Good reviews can be bought. Politicians can also be bought and Yellow Journalism can and did sway American politics.

My cult goes to Hollywood and his lover, the actress Marion Davies will probably have a role in my fictional cult. The main character of my has a backdoor fetish, so she will take a backdoor to media domination.

The image by B. M. Clinedinst comes from Wikimedia.