I put off looking for an agent until I finish the prelude to the original book. The prelude is an easier sell plus working on it may refine my original novel. My main character has a different agenda in her search for an agent, too.She’s in a ‘Three Days of the Condor’ mood–a very bloody mood. One agent brought out that mood in me and that’s one reason I’m holding off researching agents.

The search is a tension element and there will be a climatic end. I need to resolve a few plot points before that moment and decide what will come after. I know of one more element which will shape my novel’s conclusion and I may need to write the conclusion before this earlier stuff. Another thing that needs to be addressed is the documents and film footage that my main character will recover. My novel isn’t truly an epistolary novel, but it has elements. How and where to place those elements is undecided.