The Little Apple of Death

Manchineel tree

Native tribes of Florida made their poison arrows from this piece of fruit and one took out Juan Ponce de León. You can die by sitting next to the Manchineel tree and inhaling its vapors; that’s how deadly this tree is.

I may use this tree to poison one of my characters. Unfortunately, I don’t know how easily this poison can be identified. If I place a cult member inside the medical examiner’s office, I can avoid detection. Passing it off as a natural cause seems unlikely, but I may be able to create a realistic cover-up.

Image came from Wikipedia with the following credits:

Hippomane mancinella L.

English: Manchineel fruit and foliage at Cabo Blanca, Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica.

Date: 30 July 2009

Source: Own work     Author: Hans Hillewaert


The Spark

What will send my fictitious character into an emotional rage? I need to decide what will set things in motion before I write another scene. My personal emotions may be blocking my thoughts because I want to use doctors for target practice. Just because I want to place a doctor into the scene, doesn’t mean I should.

I installed a preliminary reason for revenge, but I probably  should a more immediate reason. If my character thinks she is being manipulated, for real or not, then she will have reason to strike. Still pondering.

Allusions To Weird Names


Clytemnestra is the name that inspired this post and the name comes from the House of Atreus. Most people. somewhat familiar with Greek Mythology or the poetry of Yeats, know about Leda and the swan. Fewer people know that Clytemnestra popped out of one of the mythical eggs laid by Leda.

I prefer simpler names, so I may go with Nestra. The name can translate to schemer, so I may make use of that connection.  In my novel, the character plays the role of a schemer. Her role in the Oresteia inspired me to use her in my novel, but her fate remains a mystery to me. She’s too useful to murder, but I may have to do it. Some choices are tough to make.

The image comes from Amazon

Oresteia (Oxford World’s Classics) Paperback

by Aeschylus (Author), Christopher Collard (Translator)

When Doctors Became Monsters

Supposedly, I have a life-threatening melanoma due to a birthmark that they call a cancerous lesion. The surgeon who was not a dermatologist took a sample smaller than recommended and I should never have been diagnosed with cancer. The doctor should have gotten a slap on the wrist and I should have gotten an apology–but they went into coverup mode. If I had a camera for that doctor visit I could prove my allegations of quackery, but I only have the white mark on my arm to prove that the biopsy was obviously too small. I can’t donate my notably rare blood, anymore, and-I hope Obama’s daughter’s die, for lack of my blood in the system. Their father promised to reform the medical system and he sure didn’t do it.

Doctors gave me more reason to hate them today. Do I believe my birthmark is cancerous? No. Could I have cancerous lesion somewhere else? Sure, but that wacky appointment and the rather obvious lies have disintegrated my trust. Do I have an ounce of trust anymore? No. Nine out of ten doctors should be hung for fraud.

I’ll probably kill more doctors, in my novel, just for the fun of it. The main character can become psychotic, at any moment, so I just need to figure out how to get her in the room with some type of quack.

The death wish was a bit much, but hyperbole comes with frustration.

The Tantalus Touch


Anyone familiar with Tantalus should recognize the Tantalus touch, in the pirate curse (Pirates of the Caribbean). The House of Atreus begins with the curse that Zeus puts upon Tantalus.

Dune, the Science Fiction series, created by Frank Herbert, links up his House of Atreides with the House of Atreus, I’ll do the same for my novel. I want to use the myth of Tantalus, in some way, but an idea hasn’t tantalized me, yet. Something with a pirate involved remains a possibility.

Racism is a two-way street

Obama’s primary goals were better race relations and a better medical system. I’ve made posts our horrible medical system and my comments on racism lie along lines of this two-way street analogy. Getting harassed for being White while performing the mundane task of grocery shopping at Walmart where my white skin is less commonly seen, shows what you can find on the less talked about side of the street.

Colin Kaepernick is a rather wealthy guy who holds a clipboard, in the eyes of many less fortunate individuals. Was backup quarterback an ideal spokesperson for race relations or did he just cause more bitterness? Did Obama ever apologize for accusing a cop of racism, after said cop, was fully exonerated? I don’t think less of Black people, but if Black can’t acknowledge the second side of the street—my view will become dimmer.

Factions play a role in my novels and play a role in Feminism; which, I often mock them as the many voices of Sybil—due to the many factions within this supposedly consolidated group. Black Feminists often have different concerns than White women; generational differences also polarize viewpoints. The world is insane and it doesn’t matter the skin color or gender—people generally suck.

Recognizing the White Elitists

Zora Neale Hurston recognized the White elitists, in her day, but the world gets dumber with each passing day.

Amy Boggs of Donald Maass Literary Agency felt free to attack White males for their race and gender, but she’s a White woman who apparently judges what Black literature should look like. The agency seems to think White authors need to create Black main characters because Blacks can’t create such characters for themselves. Donald Maas seems to think White women are the best choice to review literary submissions from Black authors.

Comedy doesn’t always cross cultural boundaries; Black people may love Tyler Perry, but I’m curious whether any other culture finds him remotely funny. Should a White woman, such as Amy Boggs, choose what Blacks enjoy? I wrote a post about Black women creating comic superheroes for themselves;, partly because of the risk that a White writer takes in doing such a thing, but it is also because I believe Black women are capable human beings.

White elitists provoke hatred. Stupidity, racism, slavery, and many other injustices are not a White disease from which only White elitists rise above. Obama was reared by a White elitist and it shows in his racism. His younger self was smarter and saw his mother for what she was—read his tale about what happened at the movie theater.

I don’t pander and would give a Black author an honest critique, but I’m not going to tell Tyler Perry that I find him funny, but I will accept that it is due to cultural difference. Zora Neale Hurston is someone I could recommend to White Southerners because she’s honest and insightful. She doesn’t attack unjustly–White elitists do that.

I’m planning a literary attack, on a literary agency, so this post may be relevant to an upcoming scene. If the literary agency had responded to my email, I wouldn’t aim my post, so deliberately. No, they didn’t reject me—I saw the Twitter posts by Boggs as elitist racism and didn’t consider her worth a query.

Yellow-Haired Woman

Cheyenne Secret Society of Women

I don’t have a picture of Ehyophsta, Cheyenne warrior–“Yellow-Haired Woman”, so I use the image of Joanna Garcia, as my placeholder, for the following reasons:

  • Garcia played a character named Cheyenne, in the TV show Reba.
  • I’m assuming she’s a natural blonde and I can only guess that Ehyophsta was a possible blonde, too. Yes, it is possible for Native Americans to be blonde. Garcia is Cuban and probably has Arawak ancestry.
  • Garcia fits my Florida theme and I will link the Cheyenne secret society (exclusively female, to Florida, too.

I may use the name, Joanna, to refer to a character who represents the Cheyenne Secret Society of Women.

I’m not sure if I will merge this character with the Amber Lady, in my other novel, but I write it here because it is a consideration. The Amber Lady was partially inspired by a girl, I crushed on, while in college. It saves me from me a new character, but I don’t think it will fit my original backstory. I stopped trying to get my original novel published is because this prequel may dictate changes. Thinking time.

Both images come from Wikipedia The one on the left represents the more traditional view of a Cheyenne woman, but some tribes; such as the Mandans, had lighter hair and eyes, associated with Europeans. Many other Native Americans have conquistador bloodlines and I’m one of them. Do you think De Soto and his men practiced abstinence? Of course not, they often demanded tribes to send prostitutes for their use.

Description: – Entertainment Weekly/Revlon Party, Beverly Hills Post Office, Sept. 20, 2008

Date: 20 September 2008, 12:12

Source: Joanna Garcia

Author: watchwithkristin


Description: Cheyenne maiden photographed by Edward S. Curtis in 1930. Cheyenne maiden,1930.

Date: This image was copyrighted or originally published in 1930

The Séance At Cassadaga

Psychic Mafia by LaMar Keene

M. Lamar Keene was a ‘Spiritual Medium’ who started feeling guilty about his con game (sort of like the TV show, The Mentalist). People apparently made attempts to kill him, over this book about the fraudulent craft., so the Psychic Mafia is an apt name.

My fictional cult has mafia aspects and they will hold a séance, at the Spiritualist community known as Cassadaga. The séance will be different than the commonly portrayed séance, but it is comparable enough. I didn’t add an allusion to this book, but I may later. This blog partially acts as a ‘to do’ list and this is a possible ‘to do”. If something interests me, while I research–I blog about it.

Spanish Moss and the Conquistador Ghost


Spanish moss is neither Spanish nor moss, but it has long been associated the gray beards of the conquistadors and some ghost legends have taken hold. My upcoming séance isn’t used to summon the standard form of a ghost, because I write about genetically spawned ghosts. You must admit, Spanish moss appears naturally haunted.

Genes are funny. I probably grew a better mustache, at fifteen , than my brother would ever manage to grow. I got more of the Spanish genes and he got the Native American. I’m not a gorilla, but chest hair was never difficult for me to grow; my brother may have a few sporadic hairs. The hairless American male seems more, in style—I’m the relic. I fave Conquistador blood, but I went for a fictional ancestry for the scene that I’m writing

I didn’t see any free nighttime pictures on a quick google search, so I quickly altered a picture from Florida Memory. I didn’t feel like camping, so I could make my own and my most convenient park closes at near sundown.

Barron, Charles. A live oak covered with Spanish moss at the Everglades Tropical Nursery – Tampa, Florida. 1953. Black & white photoprint. State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory. Accessed 12 Sep. 2016.<;.