I need to show how my fictional cult meddles with world affairs, so my main character may tell another character what happened at a conspiracy event. The conversation will be shown, but what happened at the event will be told.

My novel does not revolve around the conspiracy actions of the past, but I need to show such events occurred. If you write a novel about the Reign of Terror, you need in-depth descriptions. For my purpose, I may mention the beheadings but I rather not devote much time to such a scene.

The bigger question for me is ‘how many conspiracy events do I need to show and in what way do I show them?’ Setting a scene to show a bookshelf filled with old conspiracy plans and analysis may work, but I may settle for conveying the information in conversation between characters.

When to introduce the conspiracy events is another thing I need to decide. I considered  doing it on the flight to California, but I needed to deal with the present day conspiracy, on that trip. Hurray, my cult has finally gone on their West Coast tour. It took a long time, due to technical difficulties.

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