I’m probably giving away a billion dollar idea here, but putting speakers and microphones into piecing’s would probably be profitable. The microphone would probably take a lot of trial and error to get a proper placement and not everyone would want to piece their lips, but some would. The earring would be easy, but many may stick to earbuds. You would have the ingredients for a cellphone after adding a processor which could go many places.

When they start making processors from nanotubes—a PC could fit into an earing. Bluetooth makes these possible, now. They would compare to Google Glass, in many ways. Hidden cameras are just inevitable. I’m still not sure why someone doesn’t make an arm brace cellphone, like an archery arm guard,. Should be easy, reasonably stylish. Apple will probably sell arm guard idea, tomorrow. Why does it have to be a watch? Some people may prefer the look of the larger arm guard.

The main character in my novel is an inventor and ides on how to save the world or kill the humans who live on it buzz through my mind often. This idea came is more entertainment novelty, as are hers.

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