JFK and Jackie had their honeymoon at William Randolph Hearst mansion. Hearst was the most powerful person in the media, so it isn’t a coincidence that JFK became President. Hearst and JFK’s father were buddies, but Joseph Kennedy probably matches the devil description better than the unscrupulous Mister Hearst. JFK was a saint compared to his father.

Recently, Debbie” Wasserman Schultz had to resign from the DNC because she thought she had the right to choose whether Bernie Sanders or her pal Hilary Clinton was the Democratic nominee. Matt Lauer has, now, been accused of sleeping with the Clintons

Do the Illuminati run the world? Yes and no, One group does not run things, if you consider the Illuminati as a plural word then yes the Illuminati run it all. There is no single faction, there are many factions.

My fictional cult would fit in as a female faction of the Illuminati and that faction is split into factions. Hearst is just one manipulator who was manipulated by my cult; his rival Pulitzer would be the other..