Portrait of Helena Antonia of Liège

I’m still deciding who to summon, at my fictional séance, and I’m considering the bearded female dwarf, Helena Antonia Galeckha. I imagine dwarfs deal with a great amount of social pressure and I need someone who can handle the pressure. The candidate, listed in my last post, dealt well with her death sentence. Neither one is known for the intellectual greatness that I would prefer, but for all we know, they could have been geniuses.

My main character is a dwarf, so she has reason to choose another dwarf. The case of intellect is easier proved with the witch because witchcraft crosses into botany, so I”m leaning toward the switch. The coincidental link with Wrocław’s dwarfs intrigues me, though. Hopefully, my subconscious will make a decision because I keep wavering.


Portrait of a bearded Helena Antonia of Liège.

Artist: Anonymous (Silesia)

Date: after 1621 Medium: oil on canvas

Current location

National Museum in Wrocław Link back to Institution infobox template wikidata:Q1329563

Accession number

Jungfra Helena Antonia geboren in Bistum Lüttich

Helena Antonia, a lady-in-waiting of Constance Habsburg Queen of Poland, visited Wrocław in 1621. The painting was intended to place in cabinet of curiosities of the Protestant Parish of St. Mary Magdalene in Wrocław.

Piotr Łukaszewicz, Ewa Houszka (1992). Malarstwo polskie XVII-XIX w. Obrazy olejne. Muzeum Narodowe we Wrocławiu. ISBN 83-90358-70-0, p. 103


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