I don’t plan to summon my great, great grandmother at my fictional séance because she is too recent, but someone from the era of the scene above may work. The image depicts Athore, son of the Timucuan king Saturiwa, showing Rene Goulaine de Laudonnière the monument left by Jean Ribault in 1562.

If I use Native America from this era, I will need a completely fictional biography because we know, so little about them. A “Wise Woman” would be my choice. They had female leaders and one could serve my purpose, but I’m undecided.

I have a higher chance of being related to one of the natives than a Seminole and I may make the fact that they steal my ancestor’s bones an issue. I have considered making a shared ancestor for my main character, in this novel, and her prey—the main character of the original novel. If I choose the Injun—that shared ancestry will be a reason. The shared ancestry may apply to my witch, also.

I’m descended from old Injuns, so all you politically correct elitists can kiss the ass of a real live jackass and I hope he gives you a little present to remember us by.

Image from Wikimedia  with color added by me.


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