Cheyenne Secret Society of Women

I don’t have a picture of Ehyophsta, Cheyenne warrior–“Yellow-Haired Woman”, so I use the image of Joanna Garcia, as my placeholder, for the following reasons:

  • Garcia played a character named Cheyenne, in the TV show Reba.
  • I’m assuming she’s a natural blonde and I can only guess that Ehyophsta was a possible blonde, too. Yes, it is possible for Native Americans to be blonde. Garcia is Cuban and probably has Arawak ancestry.
  • Garcia fits my Florida theme and I will link the Cheyenne secret society (exclusively female, to Florida, too.

I may use the name, Joanna, to refer to a character who represents the Cheyenne Secret Society of Women.

I’m not sure if I will merge this character with the Amber Lady, in my other novel, but I write it here because it is a consideration. The Amber Lady was partially inspired by a girl, I crushed on, while in college. It saves me from me a new character, but I don’t think it will fit my original backstory. I stopped trying to get my original novel published is because this prequel may dictate changes. Thinking time.

Both images come from Wikipedia The one on the left represents the more traditional view of a Cheyenne woman, but some tribes; such as the Mandans, had lighter hair and eyes, associated with Europeans. Many other Native Americans have conquistador bloodlines and I’m one of them. Do you think De Soto and his men practiced abstinence? Of course not, they often demanded tribes to send prostitutes for their use.

Description: – Entertainment Weekly/Revlon Party, Beverly Hills Post Office, Sept. 20, 2008

Date: 20 September 2008, 12:12

Source: Joanna Garcia

Author: watchwithkristin


Description: Cheyenne maiden photographed by Edward S. Curtis in 1930. Cheyenne maiden,1930.

Date: This image was copyrighted or originally published in 1930


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