Zora Neale Hurston recognized the White elitists, in her day, but the world gets dumber with each passing day.

Amy Boggs of Donald Maass Literary Agency felt free to attack White males for their race and gender, but she’s a White woman who apparently judges what Black literature should look like. The agency seems to think White authors need to create Black main characters because Blacks can’t create such characters for themselves. Donald Maas seems to think White women are the best choice to review literary submissions from Black authors.

Comedy doesn’t always cross cultural boundaries; Black people may love Tyler Perry, but I’m curious whether any other culture finds him remotely funny. Should a White woman, such as Amy Boggs, choose what Blacks enjoy? I wrote a post about Black women creating comic superheroes for themselves;, partly because of the risk that a White writer takes in doing such a thing, but it is also because I believe Black women are capable human beings.

White elitists provoke hatred. Stupidity, racism, slavery, and many other injustices are not a White disease from which only White elitists rise above. Obama was reared by a White elitist and it shows in his racism. His younger self was smarter and saw his mother for what she was—read his tale about what happened at the movie theater.

I don’t pander and would give a Black author an honest critique, but I’m not going to tell Tyler Perry that I find him funny, but I will accept that it is due to cultural difference. Zora Neale Hurston is someone I could recommend to White Southerners because she’s honest and insightful. She doesn’t attack unjustly–White elitists do that.

I’m planning a literary attack, on a literary agency, so this post may be relevant to an upcoming scene. If the literary agency had responded to my email, I wouldn’t aim my post, so deliberately. No, they didn’t reject me—I saw the Twitter posts by Boggs as elitist racism and didn’t consider her worth a query.


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