Obama’s primary goals were better race relations and a better medical system. I’ve made posts our horrible medical system and my comments on racism lie along lines of this two-way street analogy. Getting harassed for being White while performing the mundane task of grocery shopping at Walmart where my white skin is less commonly seen, shows what you can find on the less talked about side of the street.

Colin Kaepernick is a rather wealthy guy who holds a clipboard, in the eyes of many less fortunate individuals. Was backup quarterback an ideal spokesperson for race relations or did he just cause more bitterness? Did Obama ever apologize for accusing a cop of racism, after said cop, was fully exonerated? I don’t think less of Black people, but if Black can’t acknowledge the second side of the street—my view will become dimmer.

Factions play a role in my novels and play a role in Feminism; which, I often mock them as the many voices of Sybil—due to the many factions within this supposedly consolidated group. Black Feminists often have different concerns than White women; generational differences also polarize viewpoints. The world is insane and it doesn’t matter the skin color or gender—people generally suck.


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