Clytemnestra is the name that inspired this post and the name comes from the House of Atreus. Most people. somewhat familiar with Greek Mythology or the poetry of Yeats, know about Leda and the swan. Fewer people know that Clytemnestra popped out of one of the mythical eggs laid by Leda.

I prefer simpler names, so I may go with Nestra. The name can translate to schemer, so I may make use of that connection.  In my novel, the character plays the role of a schemer. Her role in the Oresteia inspired me to use her in my novel, but her fate remains a mystery to me. She’s too useful to murder, but I may have to do it. Some choices are tough to make.

The image comes from Amazon

Oresteia (Oxford World’s Classics) Paperback

by Aeschylus (Author), Christopher Collard (Translator)