Manchineel tree

Native tribes of Florida made their poison arrows from this piece of fruit and one took out Juan Ponce de León. You can die by sitting next to the Manchineel tree and inhaling its vapors; that’s how deadly this tree is.

I may use this tree to poison one of my characters. Unfortunately, I don’t know how easily this poison can be identified. If I place a cult member inside the medical examiner’s office, I can avoid detection. Passing it off as a natural cause seems unlikely, but I may be able to create a realistic cover-up.

Image came from Wikipedia with the following credits:

Hippomane mancinella L.

English: Manchineel fruit and foliage at Cabo Blanca, Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica.

Date: 30 July 2009

Source: Own work     Author: Hans Hillewaert


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