Insulting Native Americans?

Did Hillary Duff and her partner insult Native Americans? Or did PC cops make Native Americans look petty? My Google News reader showed Duff and her partner dressed as a Pilgrim and what was described as a white man in red-face, but the picture showed a guy in somewhat stereotypical Indian chief costume and a painted on superhero mask.

Natives were called Redskins because many tribes painted the face in red ochre. Primitive European tribes painted their face with red ochre, too? There is a big difference between how black-face was used by musicians and comics in the early 1900’s and Duff’s costume idea. Black-face was often mockery, but I don’t see how a painted on superhero mask mocks anyone. The Pilgrims probably get the greater insult.

The PC people insult my Native American heritage more than Duff did. I couldn’t name one song or movie by Duff, so I’m obviously not a fan running to her defense.


The Gnostic Agnostic

Worshiping false gods is a great sin, in many religions. Catholics persecuted and killed those who did not follow their faith, during the Inquisition, and ISIS kills those who don’t follow their faith–today. As a Gnostic Agnostic, I know that I don’t know and disavow any faith that forces faith upon others.

Gnostic means knowing; which, can be see as deriving from the Tree of Knowledge and the original sin. My mind sorts out percentages and hyperbole may make me sound certain of things at times, but I’m much less than certain about most things. After seeing the difficulty in marketing my novel, I began writing a more marketable prequel. Measuring the odds, forced me to change my plans. That’s life.


No, the title of my post has nothing to do with the B-word. I call one of my characters, Efa Nia, which translates to Dog-Woman. Not many words from the Timucuan language has survived, but I created a name from the list. The Spanish brought the dogs to Florida and the Timucuan people was a native tribe’ my character descends from those two groups.

Swallowing The Sword Of A Hero


William Morgan fought with Castro in the Cuban Revolution and Castro rewarded him with bullets of a firing squad. The Cia, the Mafia, and a Dominican dictator wanted Morgan’s services. Newspapers made him a hero to guys like Lee Harvey Oswald, even though Morgan would have hated Oswald’s Communist stance.

Morgan wanted to join the fight against Hitler before he reached the required age, so he ran away from home and joined the circus, instead. The New Yorker has an interesting article about Morgan and the Sword swallower association has him in their Hall of Fame. Here are two links:

Morgan probably had a Hero Complex; which, could be easily manipulated by an astute manipulator of the mind. I’m not sure if one of my fictional cult members will fictionally manipulate him, in my novel, but I see it as an interesting ploy. His circus and mafia links make him a candidate to be used in my novel–and Morgan’s time in Florida makes him even a better candidate.

I’m just looking for a conspiracy event, for which I can involve my cult. The complexity of explaining the factions of the cult, the factions of the mob, factions in the Cuban revolution, and factions of the US government—makes me hesitate to use him. Image from Wikimedia.

Description: The position of a sword in a person’s body when swallowed.
Date Published in 1897 Author Unknown
Source Hopkins, Albert (1897) Magic; stage illusions and scientific diversions, including trick photography, London: Sampson Low, Marston and Company, p. 158

How I Sees My Character

I know one of my characters is a Paris Hilton look-a-like and I call her Paris, but I will probably change it to Hellen or Helly,  later. Being a prequel, her identity was established in the original novel and I need to make sure that I make an adequate description for this novel. Hellen of Troy and her lover, Paris, act as a mythological link. Aphrodite wins the Judgement of Paris beauty contest, so one can say that Hellen favors Aphrodite and that comes to play in the original novel.

One character is a blonde Jessica Rabbit look-a-like and I call her Jess. When I edit, I’ll worry more about description; the first draft should focus on personality.

My main character, in this novel, has an easy physical description; she’s a female dwarf. I see her as a more fresh-faced, Bridget the Midget. An innocent look works better for her original identity. She doesn’t presently have tattoos, but I may have her add a few.

It’s just easier to base physical descriptions on someone else. One girl comes from my college years. One is based on Aileen Wuornos. One is a skinny Black woman and has a slightly boyish figure because I link her to Athena, who is a goddess with an athletic figure.

I don’t always have a direct link to mythology, but many do and some allude to more than one, such as I did with Hellen-Paris-Aphrodite. Paris Hilton and Orlando Bloom could easily pass for incestuous twins, so one of my male characters probably favors the Pirates of the Caribbean actor. A Leopold Bloom allusion may be something that I add.

I have a long character list, so the associations help me visualize. In the original novel, I made clear who was a Paris Hilton look-a-like, but I can’t always be that direct. If they make a movie out of the prequel,  I need Peter Dinklage to have a sex change and drop a number of years, because some serious acting chops will be needed.