I know one of my characters is a Paris Hilton look-a-like and I call her Paris, but I will probably change it to Hellen or Helly,  later. Being a prequel, her identity was established in the original novel and I need to make sure that I make an adequate description for this novel. Hellen of Troy and her lover, Paris, act as a mythological link. Aphrodite wins the Judgement of Paris beauty contest, so one can say that Hellen favors Aphrodite and that comes to play in the original novel.

One character is a blonde Jessica Rabbit look-a-like and I call her Jess. When I edit, I’ll worry more about description; the first draft should focus on personality.

My main character, in this novel, has an easy physical description; she’s a female dwarf. I see her as a more fresh-faced, Bridget the Midget. An innocent look works better for her original identity. She doesn’t presently have tattoos, but I may have her add a few.

It’s just easier to base physical descriptions on someone else. One girl comes from my college years. One is based on Aileen Wuornos. One is a skinny Black woman and has a slightly boyish figure because I link her to Athena, who is a goddess with an athletic figure.

I don’t always have a direct link to mythology, but many do and some allude to more than one, such as I did with Hellen-Paris-Aphrodite. Paris Hilton and Orlando Bloom could easily pass for incestuous twins, so one of my male characters probably favors the Pirates of the Caribbean actor. A Leopold Bloom allusion may be something that I add.

I have a long character list, so the associations help me visualize. In the original novel, I made clear who was a Paris Hilton look-a-like, but I can’t always be that direct. If they make a movie out of the prequel,  I need Peter Dinklage to have a sex change and drop a number of years, because some serious acting chops will be needed.


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