William Morgan fought with Castro in the Cuban Revolution and Castro rewarded him with bullets of a firing squad. The Cia, the Mafia, and a Dominican dictator wanted Morgan’s services. Newspapers made him a hero to guys like Lee Harvey Oswald, even though Morgan would have hated Oswald’s Communist stance.

Morgan wanted to join the fight against Hitler before he reached the required age, so he ran away from home and joined the circus, instead. The New Yorker has an interesting article about Morgan and the Sword swallower association has him in their Hall of Fame. Here are two links:


Morgan probably had a Hero Complex; which, could be easily manipulated by an astute manipulator of the mind. I’m not sure if one of my fictional cult members will fictionally manipulate him, in my novel, but I see it as an interesting ploy. His circus and mafia links make him a candidate to be used in my novel–and Morgan’s time in Florida makes him even a better candidate.

I’m just looking for a conspiracy event, for which I can involve my cult. The complexity of explaining the factions of the cult, the factions of the mob, factions in the Cuban revolution, and factions of the US government—makes me hesitate to use him. Image from Wikimedia.

Description: The position of a sword in a person’s body when swallowed.
Date Published in 1897 Author Unknown
Source Hopkins, Albert (1897) Magic; stage illusions and scientific diversions, including trick photography, London: Sampson Low, Marston and Company, p. 158


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